[MKDoc-dev] [1.6] Redirect bugs?

Chris Croome chris at webarchitects.co.uk
Wed Apr 5 17:52:23 BST 2006


There seem to be a odd redirect bug with the latest CVS version of MKDoc
1.6, for example if you add a photo attachment to the front page of a
site, and then go to view the scaled version then you get a redirect
loop and an address like this (this is truncated):


Another way to trigger the bug is to edit the front page and then save
it, you get redirected to a 404:


It appears that something is adding an extra / onto URLs?

This could be an issue caused by using Apache 1.3.34 -- but there is
nothing in the list of changes from version 1.3.33 that appears to be
behind this...

Or perhaps the latest Mozilla / Firefox browsers are munging the URLs --
they seem to be escaping "," to "%2C" which they didn't do before (this is
on Fedora Core 5) but IE 6 also seems to escape "," so perhaps it's
apache doing this rather than the clients... 

I'll try to do some debugging to see if I can track this down further...


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