[MKDoc-dev] [BUG] Headlines component "List leaf documents only" opetion only works for anon access

Chris Croome chris at webarchitects.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 15:44:47 GMT 2005


The "List leaf documents only" tick box doesn't work for logged in
users, they *do* get documents with child documents listed in their
personalised and non-personalised headline listing both for documents
and events. 

While we are on the subject of the headlines component... there are some
long standing wishlist things for this component like the ability to
list documents by generations. 

Perhaps for this what would make sense would be another mode, say
"Document hierarchy" and this would list documents based on their sort
order and not the creation date and could have options like:

- Child documents
- Child and grandchild documents
- Child and grandchild and great grandchild documents 
- All decendants

If this was implemented then the child listing document templates could
be scrapped.

Also another option that would be nice would be a radio button for
"compact" and "detailed" listings to switch between <DL> lists and <UL>


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