[MKDoc-dev] Icons for attached files

Chris Croome chris at webarchitects.co.uk
Tue Dec 7 12:40:49 GMT 2004


I have been vaguely looking for a set of icons that we could use in MKDoc
for displaying next to file attachments, the CSS is in place -- a class
name is generated based on the file extension, all that is needed are a
nice set of free icons -- can anyone suggest any (public domain or

I have looked at the Gnome ones and some others but none seem to have
all the icon's that I think we would need:

 .doc - MS Word
 .rtf - Rich Text Format (could use .txt icon perhaps)
 .xsl - MS Excel
 .ppt - MS Powerpoint
 .pdf - PDF
 .txt - Plain Text
 .jpg - Images (sam as .gof and .png?)
 .zip - Compressed archive (could use the same icon as .tgz and .gz?)

Perhaps some others also?


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