[MKDoc-users] Server error loading .admin.userlist (v1.8)

Bruno Postle bruno at webarchitects.co.uk
Fri Sep 24 10:30:26 BST 2004

On Fri 24-Sep-2004 at 16:47 +1000, Charlie Garrison wrote:
> I did a test install of MKDoc 1.6 earlier this week and was impressed
> with it. I'm pretty sure I want to use it for my next project. So I
> decided to grab 1.8 since I expected I would need to make a few
> additions for my needs. But I can't get 1.8 to run.
> I am getting an 'error 500' (followed by 'doc not found') response when
> loading /.admin.userlist for the 'users' virt host. Other locations
> seem to be working fine.

Although the install script still configures two VirtualHosts (www & 
users), this is no longer required as MKDoc-1.8 uses just a single 
domain for both the public and editor interfaces.

> invalid comment token: <!--
>[PETAL ERROR] Global symbol "$res" requires explicit package name at (eval 282) line 17.

I get the same error on both the www and users VirtualHosts.

> I"m not sure where to start looking for the cause of this one. I can
> see that it's failing when processing a template with PETAL
> (mkd/resources/templates/fragments/head_admin/en.html), but I don't
> have enough experience with MKDoc (yet) to know which code is being
> called. 

I would start by commenting-out practically all of this template and 
uncommenting sections to see when the error appears.

You need to use Petal style comments as normal comments are 
processed by the Petal engine:

    <!--? <p>a commented out paragraph</p> ?-->


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