[MKDoc-modules] MKDoc OSS - Status

Jean-Michel Hiver jhiver at mkdoc.com
Tue Mar 16 15:35:34 GMT 2004

Since I have just released a new module I'd like to give a status on the 
giant MKDoc open-sourcing / POD documenting / modularizing task we have 

So far the following modules have been released:

Petal - Templating System
MKDoc::Control_List - ACL rules management
MKDoc::Apache::Cache - Apache::Registry accelerator
MKDoc::Text::Structured - Human readable text to HTML converter
MKDoc::XML - XML toolkit
MKDoc::Core - Application / Plugin framework
MKDoc::SQL - Database abstraction layer

Each module has a well-defined API and is useful in itself (for example 
I use MKDoc::Control_List to sort my mail over IMAP), things are 
starting to take shape!

So far all this stuff is 100% pure Perl and doesn't depend on any 
hard-to-install C module. Thus CPAN installs should be painless.

I now need to change the existing MKDoc codebase to continue further. It 
should not be _too_ hard for MKDoc::SQL. MKDoc::Core might be a slightly 
more difficult task.

Once the MKDoc trunk is up to speed with the modules, the roadmap is:

(sync with MKDoc codebase) <---- we are here


(sync with MKDoc codebase)

MKDoc::Auth - Authentication layer with signup options
MKDoc::Authz - ACL based authorization layer

(sync with MKDoc codebase)


(sync with MKDoc codebase)

MKDoc::CMS - might be a refactor or a re-write depending on the size of 
the remaining code base.
If the size if less than around 10k of code, probably a high 
performance, ESD (edge side includes) enabled re-write without any of 
the search functionality.

MKDoc::Search - another huge job :-/

Getting there, getting there... :-)


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