[MKDoc-modules] MKDoc 2.00 Released

Jean-Michel Hiver jhiver at mkdoc.com
Tue Mar 2 17:45:07 GMT 2004

Hi List,

I have extracted the essence of MKDoc, refactorized it into a beautiful
generic framework, and released it on CPAN.

This is just the framework, not the full MKDoc thing.

The following modules will follow at some point in the future... in

* MKDoc::Authenticate
* MKDoc::Authorize
* MKDoc::Forums
* MKDoc::CMS

But first I will need to cable our existing commercial software back
onto the new OSS framework. Since it's not that different it doesn't
seem impossible but it needs doing before I modularize / OSS anything
else - otherwise we might just end up with an ugly mess which doesn't

Any testing / comments appreciated.

NB: The version number starts at 2.00 since our existing MKDoc
repository is currently at 1.26.23.

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Jean-Michel Hiver
jhiver at mkdoc.com  - +44 (0)114 255 8097
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