[BUG] Re: [MKDoc-dev] Icons for attached files

Chris Croome chris at webarchitects.co.uk
Thu May 19 10:03:44 BST 2005


On Thu 12-May-2005 at 05:20:25 +0100, Chris Croome wrote:
> I have just committed some icons from Fedora, the 48x48 Bluecurve ones

I have now also added .gif versions since IE can't cope with the
transparancy used in the png's. Using conneg Mozilla / Firefox now get
the png and IE and Opera get the gifs with the jagged edges.

One bug that this has shown up if the way that MKDoc decides on file
extensions, it assumes that the extension starts from the first dot and
not the last (though .tar.gz would need an exception), so if you upload
a file called this:


MKDoc allows you to edit "file" as the title but not the rest of the
name up to .txt and in addition the icon that will be loaded is one for
a .name.with.lots.of.dots.txt file and not a .txt file.

The file attached to this page is an example of this problem:


I have added this to the web site:



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