[MKDoc-dev] MySQL 4.1 and plain text passwords

Chris Croome chris at webarchitects.co.uk
Wed Nov 17 11:00:01 GMT 2004


At some point the legal issues preventing some distros shipping MySQL
4.1 will probably be sorted [1] so I guess at some point it would make
sense to make MKDoc work with it, the only issue I'm aware of is the way
that 4.1.x does passwords -- they are no longer in plain text:

- 5.5.9 Password Hashing in MySQL 4.1

  MySQL user accounts are listed in the user table of the mysql
  database.  Each MySQL account is assigned a password, although what is
  stored in the Password column of the user table is not the plaintext
  version of the password, but a hash value computed from it. Password
  hash values are computed by the PASSWORD() function. 


There is a way around this, you can start the MySQL server with the
--old-passwords command line option, and this _should_ work in my.cnf
(but I'm not sure if it does from browsing the MySQL list):


I have no idea what would have to be changed in MKDoc for hashed passwds
to work, also backwards compatability with 3.x should be retained.


[1] http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.devel/16521

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